Successful packagings !

For most 40 years Lars Wallentin was the driving force at the Nestlé headquarters to develop creative design solutions within the packaging sector.

He also became the reference for many young marketing people as he was teaching design, communication and packaging around the world. He now, spends his life writing about packaging and consulting various consumer goods companies.


Do you have window ?

There are many different trends within the packaging world. This article will bring up the very clear trend to include a window (with or without plastic foil) on carton packages and especially in the areas of chocolate and rice.

Why this so ?

For the simple reason that the consumer wants to see what he is buying.

The more sophisticated a market becomes the more transparent packages.

You just have to spend some time in Japan to be convinced. If, as Thomas Hinze says in his book on packaging, « advertising leads you into temptation, it is packaging that is the temptation », it is therefore somewhat surprising to see how little money are spent in creating package design in relation to the very often quite big advertising budgets.

The Ceo of Nestlé, mr Peter Brabeck, said in a recent speech « packaging is still an enormously under-utilised medium and the most economical advertising medium ».

Ferrero, Barilla and Mars…

A company that has clearly understood this is Ferrero… and they do not only create unique packages, most of them have a window ! When Mars created their success concept « Celebrations », they were certainly inspired by packages such as Ferrero’s Rocher.

At Barilla in Parma they know that the pasta business consumers must see the product. That is why this business has so many plastic bags although they are less convenient both at home and in the supermarket than a rigid cardboard package.


5 success keys

The Barilla Collezione is for the writer a brilliant example of how to tell a convincing syory that leads the purchase.

Here are the five reasons :

1- Attractive concept name « Collezione »

2- Window to see the product

3- Appetite appeal illustration with steam

4- « N°1 in Italia »… if you are number one, you are in consumers minds, the best

5- The use of the chef’s hat to add information about recipes.

This package does not only have an attractive front panel, it has, as well, a very clear and inviting-to-read back panel, and easy opening feature that works, a clear date marking and ingredients and nutritional information in more than 15 languages.

Congretulations !

As I have already mentioned mr Hinze’s book « The total package »which is an inspirationfor most of us, let me also mentioned two other sources of creative inspiration. One is the recent Tom Peter’s book « Re-imagine », the other the feascinating « The art of looking sideways » by Alan Fletcher.