How to hire a design agency : tips from the pros…

On the net we can find out some very good advices. So thanks to you have your short list of design consultants in hand and you’re ready to schedule credentials presentations. These advices are given by some design agencies themselves. OK sirs tell us how to hire the best design agency in the States…

Before you do, we thought you’d be interested in hearing from some of the most seasoned design professionals in the business as to how they view the hiring process.

Just some food for thought to help you get started.

1- Landor Associates– Be sure to appoint a design team prepared to challenge you. You don’t want them to acquiesce to your will at every turn ; they’re the experts in branding and design solutions and that what you’re paying them for.

2- Enterprise IG– Know who you’ll be working with ; meet the project team, not just the business development team. Sometimes this is the same group, but often it isn’t.

3- Interbrand– If your brand is global or international, hire a firm with offices in your keys countries to work closely with your core team. This will get you both global and local expertise.

4- FutureBrand– Be sure that those who did the work you like are still with the company. This is an industry known for a lot of movement.

5- Toniq– Seek rfesult : find out what kind of impactthe work had : was it successful ? Did it come to market ? Did the client relationship continue ?

6- Sterling Group– Avoid paid pitches. Partnering with one firm early on and thoroughly briefing them elicits the best results with the most depth. There’s a lot to be said for engendering loyalty.

7- Wallace Chruch Associates– Does the firm understand the importance of synergy across all media ? Will they be willing to meet and share ideas with your ad adgency and others firms responsible for crafting your brand’s message ?

8- Source/Inc– Ask to see entire case studies. Developmental work is often far from more illuminating on the firm’s real capabilities than the design that ultimately produced. Ultimately that’s what you’re buying…The firm’s ideas, its thinking, its depth.

9- Interbrand Gerstman+Meyers– Look for a firm that will add value to their assigment through strategic thinking or special services. Many firms can design and execute.

10- DSI/LA– Design can and should be an active managment tool, but getting good design and knowing how to use it are two different things. A design firm should be able to educate you about both.

11- Smith Design Associates– Make sure the firm can produce, as well as create, good design. If a design concept you approve can’t be produced within your cost and time parameters, the design firm isn’t doing what it was hired to do.

12- HMS Design When hiring a design firm, think of choosing a team member rather than a service provider. You want the people you have to be as emotionally involved in the brand as you are.

13- Little and Company– Keep and open mind when discussing a firm’s experience in your particular category. Instead you should focus on the firm’sz thinking, approach and creativity, all of which cut across categories.